A gift card is an excellent gift idea for a loved one. You have the whole offer to choose from. You can opt for a single massage or choose a voucher of any value.

You will receive the selected voucher by e-mail to print it yourself or forward it as a PDF file. All you would need to do is print the card and put it in an envelope.

The gift card can be purchased in several ways:

  1. fill out the form on the Contact page or write an email . It is best if you immediately select who the gift card is for and what massage you choose (or the total sum value)

  2. if you have an account on Booksy, find my profile and you can order a gift card there

  3. Contact me in any way most suitable for you. (The chat from the bottom of the page, Instagram, write a text message or mail)

As you can see, it is all quite simple.

After the payment goes through, the voucher will appear in the profile of the person for whom you ordered it. The recipient, after receiving the gift, will himself choose any date to redeem the amount voucher or gift card. The contact information will be marked on the card. The gift card is valid for half a year from the date of purchase or until the funds on it are exhausted.