A massage for two is all about spending time with a loved one. The massage takes place simultaneously for both people in one room with relaxing music.

This type of massage will give you a chance to experience deep relaxation after physical and mental exertion. We all know the best experiences are worth sharing with your loved one so invite your spouse or partner for a relaxing massage.

For a classic massage you can well invite a friend or parent, and for a sports massage, your colleague with whom you go to the gym.

A massage for two is the perfect gift for an anniversary, Valentine's Day or just a way to get away from everyday life in the middle of the week. The best thing is, those unforgettable moments of relaxation can be experienced in the company of the person closest to you. You can choose any massage from the following offer, which will be performed at my office located in Saska Kępa. Massage possible only after prior reservation. For all details please contact me by phone or email.

Classical massage - the massages we perform are not only a large dose of pleasure, but also a portion of health. Classical massage eliminates problems associated with back pain, helps get rid of migraines, recurring headaches, as well as diseases of the limbs and internal organs

PeLoHa relaxation massage - This Australian massage incorporates 24 of the most effective techniques and massage points from around the world, including Polynesian massage or Lomi Lomi nui. The massage stimulates blood and lymph circulation, tones the skin, and regulates metabolism. PeLoHa massage is a way to fill the body with love, joy and wellbeing.

Sports massage - an excellent way to get rid of the effects of stress and fatigue and to help the muscles in your body with effective recovery. This type of massage is recommended to those who lead sedentary lifestyles or struggle with soreness following workouts

KOBIDO facial massage provides visible and long-lasting results, has a positive effect not only on improving appearance, but also on one's well-being and ridding oneself of accumulated stress

Massage as a gift - a massage can be a great gift for anyone who enjoys spending time together. This voucher is a great idea for a nice afternoon with a friend, and if you gift it to your other half, this will become the perfect prelude to a romantic evening together. Share the gift with your loved one and give them a well-deserved break. It is also a good idea for a wedding gift that is sure to please both the bride and groom alike.