My name is Dmytro, I am a certified masseur

I was born in Ukraine, where I spent my childhood and completed my education. For some time I have been living in Warsaw, which I fell in love with. As a child, I was always interested both in sports and relaxation techniques. Over time, I realized that this is my passion, something that gives me pleasure and a lot of satisfaction.

I have been a massagist since 2012. During this time, I have completed many different workshops and professional courses. Gaining new skills allows me to develop and work more effectively with people.

In my work I am guided by concern for the well-being of each person who visits my office. Each person I have had the pleasure of meeting through my work is not just colloquially speaking "just a customer". The amazing stories of these people, their joys and sorrows of everyday life which they want to share with me are what creates a lasting bond. I am approached by patients who need help with specific ailments as well as people who seek relaxation and tranquility. At a certain stage of my career, I came to the conclusion that massage is not only a job, but most importantly a great passion and a significant part of my life. It is very important to me that I find myself in the work that I do. Massage helps me to de-stress and forget about everyday problems. It helps me to achieve a state of Flow.

Mihály Csíkszentmihályi, an American psychologist of Hungarian descent, defines the state of flow as the experience of being completely engaged in the activity being performed. According to Flow Theory, the state when one is completely absorbed in a task or activity is the gateway to mental well-being. This state is familiar to artists and athletes. For example, a painter who is absorbed in their work to the point of forgetting to eat or sleep, or a mountain climber who experiences euphoria while completing another challenge. Fortunately, flow can also be found in ordinary daily activities and work. People who find flow in their work are the real lucky ones. Doing what you love, combining work with passion - can anything possibly be better?....